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1902: the beginning
Our factory exists from the beginning of the 20th century (1902). In 1918 the first compressor was made by Oscar De Backer. These compressors became famous and were very trustable.
Now the company was all over known for his compressors De Backer started also to assemble his own pumps (piston pumps). Also these pumps were known for it's extraordinary specifications.
1957: a new start
In the year 1957 Oscar De Backer was in charge of the company and he founded "De Backer & Co". From then the company had his own constructionfactory where the company could design pumps specified for each of his customer
2002: tradition & succes
These days the company is leaded by Jacques and Jean-Marie De Backer. We still assemble our own pumps and together with a great team of employees we have a lot of know how in house...
2007: member of the groupe Ensival Moret
From 2007 we became a member of the groupe Ensival Moret